• "Music, I love you. You have not fucked me up, we have not fucked and you don't give a fuck."

Move Along

Move along like I know you would; move along: http://audiorecos.wordpress.com/


Bleahhhhhh. Came home from a short vacation trip of 6-days, 5-nights, and most of my personal e-mails were jammed with auto-generated e-newsletters and partial spam contents, music-wise. I wish dreams still do come true, like how they sometimes still do. Will fight for them somehow, and get myself engaged again. Life, I am battling. You … Continue reading

Music Just Pre- & Post- Vietnam

Wanted to post something prior to the tripping, but things got carried away, as always. It’s not that I want to, but sometimes it just happens. The trip was good – it was a good first experience travelling to another foreign country on an independent basis – and seeing quite a number of people doing … Continue reading

Go to that record store, steal some records man!

Some albums of lust, temptation and desire. Not to mention of CJ’s taste and style. Record companies and strangers that stumble their way onto this blog, if feeling charitable, please feel free to donate cash or these records to me. I will be more than willing and happy to receive them – as Creed once … Continue reading


I may be smiling, but it doesn’t mean I’m happy. I may appear relaxed, but it doesn’t mean I’m not fighting. I may seem nice, but think twice. The wrongs a person done seems more magnified if it is not expected of him; yet, he craves to be found, understood. I write about music, but … Continue reading