It was (second) niece Kelly’s full (first) month celebration, and a little lunch buffet was set up at my sis, JJ’s house. Went there a little too late, and arrived at about 2pm-plus. Spent most of the time chatting up with JJ, with Karen being busy at play with her other same-age playmates. Food was so-so, so I didn’t eat much really. (plus Mum’s heavy tuck-in breakfast was too much; it had spilled-over effects)

Elliot, AS & Joseph showed up a little after us, and it was entertaining to see the changes of Elliot. Taller, cheekier, and definitely more of a charmer. I bet this kid’s gonna grow up to be a good womanizer. I just have a hunch. I just wanna believe the people around are all beautiful and gorgeous.

As for the main party character, Kelly, she was tucked well in bed, spending most of her time behind closed eyelids, and away at dreams’ land, dreaming what babies dream of.

A little PS Wheel Of Fortune there, a little bit of eating, a whole bit of gathering and checking for updates. Ain’t that bad for a person whose Sundays are usually just chilling (lazing) at home.


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