And so, once again, not all of my plans were followed, as seen in the previous post, but hey! – at least a coupla of them did worked out after all during today’s late afternoon 4pm-ish.

Went to cut my hair first up, and thankfully, got a lady instead of the usual chinaman – goddamn chinaman, who always cut my hair as though he was cutting weeds/grass, yes, he was that bad. I hate him. I HATE HIM. Well, the haircut left me with lots of threads of cut hair hanging around me, which caused irritation and image-spoiling for my glamorous self. I had to constantly dust off the hair off my shoulders and clothes. And thus, with that, I had no choice but to shop for my groceries in the comfort of the supermarket at the back of my house. Well, at least it’s nearby, and turned out that I bought more things that I had actually intended. The receipt goes:

Magnolia Gelazia Gela Ice-Cream 700ml ——————– $4.95
Vitasoy Soy Bean 1L ——————– $1.58
Vita Sasson Conditioner 500ml ——————– $10.09
Biore Acne Care 100g ——————– $3.87
Off Insect Repellant 100ml ——————– $6.67

Total, NETS ——————– $27.16
GST 7% ——————– $1.77

Items 5

Well, I guess I just like all kind of shopping. And it’s off to dinner now, for the NDP is finishing up – finally, and I can eat in peace!


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