Holiday Mood.

Hello. So today is a public holiday, because it is national day, Singapore’s blah-blah 42th birthday. And no, no way am I gonna make myself watch the NDP, cause, even though it is at a brand new location, all the shit they do are still gonna be repeated over and over again, I presume. I was recalling, wondering, just when did all this sorta anti-feelings ever come about? And I managed to trace back to High School days back then, when I remembered that I always used to mouth the words during the flag-lowerings; never placing my hands rightly at the spot where they wanted us to when we took the pledge; not standing at attention like a statue; and looking at my fingernails during the whole thing. I know, I was such a (quiet) rebel, and I was so proud of it, and still am!

Nonetheless, I presume the outside streets should be flooded with crowds of human flies, and thus at this time of 3+pm, I am still at home. But not for long, I presume! I have to go get some groceries; cut my not-that-long-but-long-for-their-standards hair; or go TC. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, great holidays, though not great weekend ahead!


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