Re-Entry: Dreams.

Original written entry on June 12th, 2007, 0900hours-ish.

This entry is kinda rushed-up.
You see, I have 4 random dreams (at least, minimum) these past 2 days, and they have been kinda funny/weird/queer kinda-ish. So here’s a recording between hours of awakening before I forget ’em:
(1) Mutya Buena (ex-Sugababes, current hot UK solo act) served me hot nacho chips in the cinema for her movie. (she never acts – yet!)
(2) Some darkish devil-like shadowy figure tried to suck my soul and almost succeeded. (freakish shit)
(3) Kinda sexual one. Dreamt of someone touching me sexually. (weirdish)
(4) Dreamt of G-Star workplace, of me dropping by while Michelle’s working that day. Maureen paid a surprise visit, but I wasn’t noticed/caught, as I was sitting like a dummy. (funny)

What’s the definition behind dreams exactly? Have to try to find out the definitions behind whatever the Hell dreams are. My say would be disillusions from reality. But it’s only a guess.


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