Oh no/Oh good. Totally addicted to music, who isn’t? I must say that in the world we’re living in today, there’s a whole lotta variety of English music to choose from, totally spoilt for choice. And with all the music flooding into my system, I have come to realize one very crucial important information:

I am running outta disk space. No good.

So the need to get an external hard drive is the current top craze item to purchase on my shopping list now (made of Prada tote bag, spectacles and what have you not), but needta go down to some of the IT shops (Funan, perhaps?), and ain’t got no time to head down yet. Maybe next week. In the meantime, I have to clear a little of the older songs and those that I have lost interest, or the “OMG! Why do I have you?” songs/artistes. Like Ashlee Simpson. Haha.

Anyway, really needta lay my hands on one of ’em soon enough, and my lappy will perform better.


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