Re-Entry: These Thoughts.

Original written entry on June 11th, 2007, almost 2200hours.

Really. What a half-year had passed by just like now. Like life as it is, slow and fast. Slow when it should be the other way round and vice versa. Really, the Chinese book fortune telling thingy is scaredly true in some way or another. My monetary issues ain’t predicted and showing good in reality. Truth is, despite the lack of amount of weekend freedom time, I am still spending like a whore. As friends would say, definitely¬†– “CJ, what a brandwhore.” It is, scaredly, shamelessly true. I should really stop, but will I, in reality?

I don’t even know myself no more. It’s this game of being part & parcel of being in this cruel thing called ‘society’. Yessiree. The fact is, even though I’m 21 on this planet Earth, I don’t even know where my life is heading. Dammit. I wished I had known, but would I be able to accept it, whatever it turned out to be? Hell, some clues even would be good. Sigh. It’s a Monday, and let me just hope it’s the Monday Blues this time round. I shall retreat to sleep. Yes, what I need, I presume? Maybe. I don’t even know what I need anymore.


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