Congrats! I Think You’re Cool. [#1]

The Simpsons

A dysfunctional family of Homer (father), Marge (mother), Lisa (sister), Bart (brother), Maggie (baby sister) and a whole bunch of young and old, yellow-coloured (mostly) skin folks hanging in and out of the Springfield neighbourhood. Always funny, getting into trouble of some kind, ready-to-save-the-world-with-crazy-antics kind of way, yet they are totally almost humans. It’s a pity that these yellow people are more human than humans in the world we live in nowadays.

> features celebrity “cameos” or voiceovers in many of its episode – with celebrities from Mandy Moore, N’SYNC, The White Stripes, Natalie Portman just to name a few from the incredible list of many celebrities.
> 2007 sees the release of The Simpsons Movie into cineplexes worldwide.
> Hans Zimmer is a famous musician behind many of The Simpson’s unique sound. He appears in the original soundtrack of the movie, most noticably for Spider Pig.


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