Of One Wild Night.

Headed to Zouk yesterday, and boy, oh boy, was it an experience! It was my virginal (though I never admitted it, ha! The thing with images is that you can make it seem like you’ve been to the places you sorta oughta go, do the things you sorta oughta do) trip there. First-up, totally useless “dinner” back there led to early slip-off and went to Adrian’s house at Bukit Panjang and realised it was near where AS/Joseph/Elliot lived. My tiny brain clicked on such “good” geography skills, since Singapore is that “big” (I guess I was pretty sarcastic when I wrote this post).

Left at 10+pm, fetched another of his guy friends (sorry about it – I forgot your name. Again. Guo-something. I am never good with names, especially Chinese). Joey & Travis, Jess popped along. I must say, we were not all close/bestest (such word?) of friends, but when it came to partying, everyone was out there to have fun. Did wild dancing here & there without a care, met Zhijun and another of the three-stripes gang, met a Primary School friend Yifang, sweated on the dancefloor, got high on a drink with flames (flaming lamborghini), went around without puking vomit (an achievement!), got home relatively in a half-sober-half-drunk state (an achievement!) and slept despite feeling a little high and dirty/sweaty all over. Reached home at near 4am and crashed.

Funny and most interesting thing was when Adrian mentioned on the way to cabbie-hailing before Zouk that he enjoyed hanging out with me (though this was our so-called first) and said I had a wild side that I never revealed; that he only knew 40% of who I am. He was quite right though.


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