Re-Entry: Holidays! (Yipee-yay) / A Master Plan

Original written entry on September 4th, 2007, 2341hours-ish.

After much awaitings, anticipation and weekends burnt, the holidays (almost two weeks!) are here, with precious time to cherish. With that much freedom,  proper management schedule is required and a master plan is (sorta) drawn.

– Meet-up friends (G-Star / PHS / Ngee / Army)
– Closer times, family
– Read Girl, Interrupted
– Go scout for love!
– Shopping/Groceries
– KTV / Clubs / Pubs / Lounge / Nightscening
– Shawn’s B’day
– Weizhong’s B’day
– Watch TV/Restore surfing Internet

Ok, realize masterplan draft is kinda typical, and hey, isn’t that everyday’s?
Shitty Hell, anyway, am gonna enjoy meself. Tomorrow’ll be good image stay-home day, with groceries to buy. Maybe find JJ?!? That sounds like a plan, huh? Let’s play unexpectancy and let tomorrow comes today.

(As of today, September 13th, some of these master plan had already been carried out. Wonderful stuff.)

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