Re-Entry: The Story Of A Praying Mantis

Original written entry on Friday, September 14, 0319hours-ish.

Once, there was this praying mantis, which somehow managed to stay in one of the many potted plants of our house. Upside down it hung, caomuflaging well with its bodily colours and the plant’s leaves. Silently, it stayed, but was soon discovered by my parents, who showed me where it was. As it was not a pest to the growth of the plants, we let it stay where it was, being a part of the plant.

One morning or afternoon, hot as it was, flies annoyingly buzzing around, it hung silently like a killer on its victims, and attacked the fucking flies with quick swift movements of its hands, right in front of my very own eyes, though it was through the living-room windows. We went up to it once, I remembered, and petted it while it stayed, and it allowed us to, maybe because we were not threats, or it was unable to escape fast enough. We did what we did before – left it alone.

It’s many years later now, and you could be somewhere amongst other greens, you could be in some birds’ digestive systems, or you could have been reincarnated if those shit are to be believed. I just hoped I could get to see you again, to touch your forehead with its eyes, to let you know you’re safe with us, that you can be a good creature too. Karen will know too. But I don’t think so, but I still hope so.


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