Bye, To Freedom.

It’s bye to freedom, for now. One week plus had just simply drifted by just like that, with its rollercoaster emotional rides of ups and downs. I’m going back in in a coupla of hours’ time, and the feeling of dread is returning, though not that much as of an extent, but still.

Gotta thank all the people I met, all the events/plans/gatherings I had been at, all the money spent on pleasure (no prostitutions involved). I don’t feel bad at all – I feel good that all this had happened, and I’m looking forward to the next 2 meet-ups next week:
– Friday with G-Star people to celebrate Weizhong’s birthday in advance, with Joanne, Michelle, Weizhong, and somemore maybe;
– and Saturday with PHS’s ST, Aki & Shawn to celebrate Shawn’s birthday, and maybe Alex, and maybe TC too. And MTV VMA’s as well at 1330hours too.

So it looks set to be another packed weekend. I will look forward to it, and try to spend the remaining of the time at home, (that, will do) being an angel (that, I can’t promise).


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