Guilty Pleasures. [#2]

One word that settles it all. They say that money doesn’t matter sometimes. Jennifer Lopez sings about it and tells people (who cares to listen) that she thinks it doesn’t matter (Remember Jenny From The Block?). Hell, I think money matters, so that everyday can be a shopping day! Call me a bitch, call me a bastard, call me evil; hey at least, I’m realistic. Even though I’m not that rich in financial matters, but I will do my best to save up for the things I like. Shopping is such a pleasant activity; it helps to take mind off stress, daily problems, and can even be a break from normal routine. Well, at least for me, since I don’t patronize boutiques on a daily basis like a rich tai-tai (madams).

I’ve come to realize, that I’ve reached a point where I’m so addicted to shopping that I can’t do a day without it. It’s sick, but hey, it’s my life, and I can’t help the way I feel. I also realize that it takes stronger self-esteem to fight it off and to make myself stop shopping and act as though like a rich man’s son. But hey, doing it once a while, whether it’s $1.30 for a pack of Hacks sweets, or a $19.99 on a CD, or over $1000 on a Prada tote bag, it’s all worth the saving up and the anticipation. And hey, I deserve it.


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