Congrats! I Think You’re Cool. [#5]

The Amazing Race

Not the Asian or the other copycat versions, of course. The original, already with its eleven seasons and the upcoming unreleased twelfth coming up next year, and winning the Best Reality TV Programme award consecutively for four years running, sure proves the show is probably the reality TV show that you should only watch. And maybe some others too. But I believe, it is the one reality TV show that I will definitely think about after all the reality TV craze has all been over and done with. With host Phil Keoghan proving the oh-so-important (and yeah, manly-kinda-sexy) voice and hosting skills to the show, the ever-interesting blend of contestants (the more conflicted, the better!), the crazy tasks to be performed by the teams, and the many locations all over the world that they have been to, it sure helps to save up on the holiday vacation costs. The usual Roadblock, Detour, Routemarker, Intersection, Pitstop have all become a familiar craze, so much so that it even inspired the gossipmonger in me to create a few series under Gossipers’. (see The Gossipers’ Club)

Speaking of the teams, remember these? Flo, Zach, the model brothers in which one of them dated Flo (Derek & Drew), Reichen & Chip, Rob & Amber, Charla & Mirna, Teri & Ian – the only old couple to make it into Top 3, and really, so much more teams of contestants that spice up the TV show. Now, with the laptop still down and out, I’m only looking forward to the next season. And it’s not till next year.


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