Reality Check: Reality VS Fantasy.

– be rich with money / married to someone rich
– find soulmate, person who understands, spends rest of life with
– have the things desired plus wanted, luxuries + necessities
– lead an interesting life, fun-filled, adventurous (?)
– dreams fulfilled, eg. join The Amazing Race (?)
– find the meaning of life
– have cool / cute / beautiful / gorgeous / important / handsome contacts
– happy family
– happy / high-flying / good-paying / cool job
– to be able to express myself more freely / be more open / be more myself (?)

– not that rich, but (luckily) not broke as well
– still single, searching
– the list of desired / wanted items never ending, continuous affair of life nowadays (it seems)
– used to be, perhaps, seen as a boring person, or a ‘commoner’, very ‘human’ (?) (own perspective); now leads a so-so life (?), with desires to try out new things (clubbing / sporting / drinking / socializing / smoking / drugging) (only saying), trying not to be ‘boring’ / ‘normal’
– unfulfilled dreams
– lost
– not as sociable as wanted to be; but only appearing to be. somehow weird / awkward around strangers, can’t converse well enough (maybe not the approachable type too)
– not-so-happy family; troubles; secrets
– (currently) stuck, no career goals
– that’s the way society is (?)¬†/ shy nature / the way brought up.

(why is it that the reality turned out longer than the fantasy despite the equal numbers?)


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