Like A Virgin!

So, within the past two days, there are several matters that are done first-time-ever in my life.

Firstly, Adrian and I, while leaving to head home one evening, managed to flag down a taxi, and from the far, I was wondering whether it was even a taxi or not, cause the only sign was the taxi sign on top of the vehicle. As it got closer and as we boarded it, I found out that it was a Honda Civic taxi; only 50 of these kinda cars were in operation on the roads (what luck!); that they had been around for about two months or more. The taxi still had the brand new feeling, maybe due to the less number of passengers that it had carried thus far, and the seat was comfortable and the freshness smell still lingered in the enclosed area of the vehicle as it drove on. It even had a sorta back compartment for the passengers or the driver to put personal stuff, without opening the back compartment of the car anymore. It was a good ride home.

The second virginal thing that happened, but not to be proud of, was that I did not sleep on Friday night / Saturday morning. So from Friday, I had stayed up for more than 24 hours. I was truly exhausted this morning as I headed out of my house, and while riding on the subway, I kept on knocking off into temporary moments of sleep. It was really terrible. And even as I type this, I have not replenish the sleep loss of the previous night / morning. It’s not good, I know. I really should get back to more sleep.


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