Re-Entries: November 2005

– mainly the events of escapism, chasing the dreams of endless holidaying.

– met Andy for gym after school, the wonders of Bus 52 (half-hour ride!)

– night outing with ST (on first week of attachment), dining @ Bugis’s Fish & Co., shopping @ Bugis Village, night wondering / exploring into Little India, out till 1am.

– being a geek. a visit to Woodlands’s gym on 17/11.

– met Akidah, Shawn & ST for a lil’ Bugis / Orchard hangout. Dispersed @ 6.30pm, them to Harry Potter while I head home to MTV Europe Music Awards 2005.
– caught midnight movie between 12-3am for Harry Potter – JH.

– lovely Ikea trip with JJ, AK & Karen. Quality time from 4-8pm.
– project / tutorial rush till 4am.

– what seems disastrous, turns out sweet & ripe. Project presentation went smooth, the best of the class supposedly (WISP).


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