No-no-no. [Part Two]

First, it was a guy wearing red polo tee alighting from the train at the station. Shortly after, while travelling on the subway, another unrelated (stranger) guy standing opposite me caught my negative attention with the black polo tee on him. Both were seen, displayed in front of me within minutes of one another, and it was ultimate disaster. I couldn’t believe it.

It’s guys with their collars up. It’s a very stupid mistake; it just spells very loudly: A-H-B-E-N-G. (very gangsta, hooligan) And definitely, seems to be screaming for attention. A little bit of attention-seeking is alright, good as a matter of fact, but too much is not good, either. It screams, “Look at my collar, peepz (slang for people).” Like d’oh, we sometimes wear collars too, nothing special.

Collars should be folded down like they are supposed to, to give off a neat feel to the shirt, and make the wearer look more presentable, if not, more mature. Guys, those in their 20s and 30s wearing those, just might mean that it’s time for you to grow up.


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