Pieces Of Memories. [#1]

The first canteen lunch break @ Jiemin Primary School: I still remembered that it was the primaries 1/3/5 that were having the afternoon session, and I often dreaded school in the afternoon, as they were definitely more boring and tiring due to the timing of the day, and as well as the fact that you won’t be having much of your own time doing what you liked to do at home after that (it was Primary school; I don’t think much people went out that much back then), making the day looked so short and inappropriate.

Anyhow, it was the first canteen break of about 30 minutes, and students were flooding the canteen for food and drinks. I queued up at the chinese rice food stall, managed by the usual combination of a couple (auntie and uncle), and got a plate of rice with some ingredients on it (fish fillet with dark sauce), which costed about 50 cents at that time (times were different afterall).

I brought it carefully with me, and was about to reach one of the benches, when I must have accidentally (no other excuses for it) dropped the plate and its contents spilled all over the canteen floor. Totally embarrassed, and I recalled, with lots of pairs of eyes staring at me from the benches or, even worse, all around the canteen, I left hurriedly outta the scene of the crime. I had never felt more embarrassed before and was careful from then on.


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