Yesterday Was Good. Last Night Was Bad.

Went out twice yesterday, and both outings were decided last-minutely on Monday afternoon timings, while I was in the gym. Firstly, I met JJ and Karen to head off to Orchard Road for brunch and in the car, we decided to head off to Sakura restaurant situated above the California Fitness gym for a lunch buffet. Wow-ed by the variety (but a little disappointed with the quality), it turned out to be a filling meal. One thing though – their service crew cleared the dishes way too fast. Is there a shortage of them? Is it more efficient? Is it more glamorous/high class? I have no idea. After that, it was window-shopping all the way, venturing (for me) for the first time into the Louis Vuitton boutique at Ngee Ann City. Also got very tempted with two Ralph Lauren polo tees, with one having the expensive price tag of $239 (depending on your wealth; it’s expensive for me). My niece was wearing her best for the day – in her Burberry dress and carrying her mother’s first LV bag. It was a class act.

Next up, I met Andy to head to Butter Factory for some NTU party that was organized there. The entrance fee costed $15 and I must say for sucha lousy party, it was too much to ask for. The crowd was very disappointing (in my opinion); the dancefloor was never filled up fully at anytime throughout the night; and there were people walking around with their bags. If it was my virginal first night out in the scene, it would be a good average experience, and maybe for some of the people in the crowd, it was; but since it was not, I was horribly disappointed, and I left the place feeling normal (not high enough!), with no hook-ups and a puking friend. But luckily, Andy sorta knew one of the guys working at the bar counter, so it was drinks free-flow on the house, so it was better – no need to pay for the drinks (but we were modest – we only got two drinks each). But still, urgh, it won’t erase the bad experience.

Oh well, till the next night out, but it won’t be so soon. I think.

(Ed: My sister said it was because I head there on a Tuesday, and thus the crowd was bad.)


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