Pieces Of Memories. [#2]

The playground is a common area for children to be at. I must say, even the playgrounds here in Singapore go through changes with times as well. The new ones around now (I do bring my niece to one or another once in a while) are better in design with more colours, more safe and have more stuff that the children can play with. Back then, they were all very simple, with a few elements.

One thing that I’ve always like is the swing, which is really fun and thrilling to ride on, which makes you feel like you are on the top of the world and feeling much better right after it. There was one near Block #703 in Yishun, which was at the neighbourhood where I used to live at during the young times. It seemed to me, as I recalled back, to be one of the best and highest swing ride that I had had. Usually, I would head there in the afternoons, with my sister JH, and it would be accompanied by a trip to the nearby convenience/mama shop for some snacks – 3 for 10 cents sweets, chips, Bee Bee’s, ice cream, soft drinks, etc.

Life was easy then.


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