What Colour Are You?

(Another of a kind from Facebook)

Let’s see what’s the result like with 2 almost similar quiz-like type of applications.

1. If you saw a friend of yours cheat on their boy/girlfriend, you would…
Answer: Stop it right away and forget about it.

2. When you get married, what kind of wedding do you want?
Answer: Marriage? Pshhh.

3. Which of these motivates you the most?
Answer: Fashion.

4. How would you describe your childhood?
Answer: I don’t remember too much.

5. Which of these adjectives best describe you?
Answer: Crazy.

6. What is your favourite place to hang out?
Answer: Bars and nightclubs, baby!

7. What do you dance like?
Answer: I don’t care – I just love to dance!

8. What is your favourite drink?
Answer: Soda.

9. What would you rather be?
Answer: Rich.

The color of immortality, nature and envy – you are truly a unique person.
While clearly the color of nature, you also symbolize rebirth, fertility and hope in the world.
On the other side of the spectrum, a natural aptitude to money with green coming to signify money and possibly even marijuana!

(I guess it’s quite effective; or else they must have some secret connection.)


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