These days have been and will be a little last-minutely unexpecting. I’m talking about this weekend.

Day 1, Friday: Had a course from 8-6pm, and was messaging Michelle, giving her the green light for the meet-up. However, I slept for 4 hours from 2-6am the previous night, and I was feeling exhausted, thus seeking the heavy raining in the afternoon as a possibility that I would not be able to make it. The rain eventually subsided, and with Weizhong asking me to go, I decided to go ahead with it. Helped out with the shop for a while as they were shorthanded when Steven dropped by. Together with Sharon, an Indo-Chinese office guy, a China girl, Joanne, we went to Ah Meng’s Cafe at Orchard Road till about 1am. Weizhong then sent 4 of us back in his Dad’s car, which he brought for the first time for a meet-up with us, with myself the last to drop off at 2.40am. Was extremely exhausted after that, and slept almost immediately.

Day 2, Saturday: Cancelled the virginal tennis play with JJ, which is postponed till probably next week. Decided to head out with Daniel Lee to Bugis to shop for the promised Christmas gifts to be exchanged with the PHS gang. After he left, I went ahead to Ann Siang Road to shop around (the first time I head there with the shops still open), and bought myself a $169 polo from Fred Perry. Also settled the Christmas gift exchange presents there finally. Decided to go to the Singapore Design Museum, but was disappointed by it. Reached home at 8plus-pm, and here I am now, still up, but feeling exhausted. It’s good that I spent Saturday nights not outside wondering about. (And I am gonna sleep after this post)

Day 3, Sunday: Was preparing for a typical stay-in Sunday, with computer-using and Internet-surfing to do, the way I was wanting it to be to end off the week. Was thus surprised to receive a message from Senglin, asking me out for lunch to meet up with the ex-sectionmates. Decided to agree to it despite it being against my traditions to go out on Sundays (just hope my mood is alright), though suggested and tried to push it to next Saturday, which was more appropriate. Zhiwei called me; I missed it; he messaged me to call him back; I did call him back; we talked for a short while (I’m not a phone talker) and he seemed delighted that we are meeting and I am going. So it is scheduled lunch at PS and an unconfirmed karaoke session.

I know, I know. I am so busy and important. And shameless, for that matter of fact. But I really just want to rest. Oh well.


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