Out On Sunday.

So here goes. It was probably one of the very few, or in fact, maybe even, the first ever Sunday that I spent meeting with my friends. That, of course, excludes the time when I was working part-time and the short trips to Causeway Point or nearby my house to get things or to spend time in. The reason, of course, is being that I have not been seeing this group of ex-BMT friends in a very long time, probably about 9 months. And we used to stay together back then. So I made an exception.

So, I was late as usual, 45 minutes behind time, but I wasn’t the worst; Zhiwei arrived at around 3pm. Senglin and Jiawen were there as well, and we went to some Japanese restaurant for quick lunch bites (not that I ate lunch; I had some sides) without Zhiwei first. He arrived at the end of our meal and we proceeded to Partyworld for some karaoke session. Sang for about 4 hours till 7.30pm, whereby the other two had already left and it was time for us to leave as well, and that ended the meeting.

We took a cab back together, since we lived near one another – one Woodlands; the other Marsling. We conversed on the taxi about matters from girls to my nieces to clothes and others. He mentioned something about being selective with the friends he made, and that made me thought it must be unique of me to be able to be part of his pack of friends. He also mentioned about my craze over brands, which I could not deny.

I hope to be able to keep in touch with them. And with Zhiwei it may be soon; we may be meeting up next week nearby.


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