Standardization / Stereotyping.

I sat down today, and thought about this for a while, before deciding to post here. I was just curious about why do people stereotype others in a way or another? Why must we be in such an orderly form, following the standards set by the others, by the society? Is it because it will be more universal? Is it for the sake of convenience?
Why must green refers to go ahead whereas red refers to stop on a traffic light post?
Why must black people be generally associated with Hip-Hop music?
Why must the primetime timeslots on TV be from 7-11pm?
Why must there be classifications of geeks, freaks, jocks? Why must they group with people of their own kind only?
Why must gays and lesbians be discriminated when all they are doing is just to express themselves in a different way from others?
Why must Africans be seen as the poorest folks on the planet, when it is said that there are other better values than monetary?
Why must Afghanistan be seen as the most dangerous country in the world?

Sometimes, I wonder.


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