Wednesday: Choices; Thursday: Aftermaths.

I am currently thinking of my plans for later on in the day, Wednesday. It is the eve of a public holiday here, Hari Raya Haji, and that means sleeping-all-you-wanna on Thursday, and the choice of having a quiet night indoors or a wild one outdoors the night before.

The supper with Zhiwei is supposedly to be either on later or on Friday night. Joanne messaged me at about 10plus-pm just now to inform me that she and Weizhong would be heading to Phuture (the latter is considering between that and MOS) tomorrow night with their own group of friends and asked me to go too, with my own group of friends. Thus, I just messaged Huimin asking her whether she and the rest wanna meet tomorrow. Now, the complication is, that if I don’t meet anybody tomorrow, the clash on Friday will still exist, whereas if I meet one of the alternative choices tomorrow, the one remaining on Friday will still resume. Argh, plans, plans, plans.

A forecast of Thursday’s possible full-day activities:
1. Watch MTV for Spankin’ New, which is highly possibly Britney Spears’s new video “Piece Of Me”, so that Mum can see it too, even though I’ve watched it on YouTube since last week.
2. Surf Internet. (Facebook, LiveJournal, etc)
3. Watch The Simpsons via lappy.
4. Read a book.
5. Replenish on sleep; clear eyebags.

Now, I will just have to do what I always do – wait till the last minute before making any decisions, and hope that it is the best in my interest. For right now, I will resume surfing around awhile more before heading to Z land.


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