They’re Ok!

The media is always stereotyping about a celebrity with their latest happenings and gossips. Generally, they will generate a typical view of opinion on them and seem to wanna the whole world to follow to what they say. I have noticed it sometimes; the movie and music reviews seemed sometimes to be copied here and there often. Is it not safe to go beyond what the others say and rate something accordingly to your own thoughts and feelings?

There are so many examples; below is a list of celebrities that are getting bad press and have or are still on the tabloids pages day in, day out, and my personal views for them:

Britney Spears
Guilty acts: caught shaving her head bald; hitting out on the paparazzi; the infamous ‘crack’ pictures; crazy partying ways.
My say: courageous to try out new, different, exciting things; strong to be inside the entertainment scene since a relatively young age; entitle to live her life the way she wanna.

Amy Winehouse
Guilty acts: of drinks and drugs.
My say: I love her and her music talent, if I can get it through drugs and drinks, I won’t mind.

Michael Jackson
Guilty acts: boys-molesting acts.
My say: Michael Jackson will forever be the King of Pop, and that is because of his infectious dance moves and songs.

Guilty acts: being weird.
My say: if Bjork isn’t weird, would people still have noticed her as much? She is freaking cool.

George Michael
Guilty acts: caught in the act having sex in a public toilet with another guy.
My say: what can I say? A guy is still a guy nonetheless.

Hey, people are still people. We’re here to make mistakes.


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