Up And Coming – Edited.

As of this date, this time, there are some changes to the upcoming plans for the next week and so, as compared with the previous original post, Up And Coming. There are several unconfirmed events, so there may be further changes/amendments to this list.

1. Travis’s 21st birthday party @ his house
Attending: Joey and maybe Xiao Ming and Huimin
D/T: 22/12, beginning at 6pm

2. A night supper at around Woodlands region
Attending: Zhiwei
D/T: 22/12; unconfirmed

3. Chinese prayers for good luck
Attending: most of my family
D/T: 24/12, Christmas Eve, morning till afternoon

4. Meet-up @ ST’s new house
Attending: PHS gang – Siow Ting, Akidah, Shawn, Chee Xiang and Andy
D/T: 24/12, evening time

5. Christmas (stay-in, most probably)

6. Zouk/Phuture night out with PHS/Army/G-Star/NgeeAnn gangs
Attending: Adrian, Joanne, Joey, Travis, Weizhong, Andy, Huimin, Xiao Ming, Elsyne, Celest, maybe
D/T: 26/12, Boxing Day, till night/morning

7. NgeeAnn’s gang Christmas gift exchange
Attending: Xiao Ming, Huimin, Elsyne, Celest, Karen
D/T: 27/12, evening time

8. KTV/Bowling night with Army gang
Attending: Adrian, Melvin, Soon Lee, Daniel Lee, Adwin, Kian Ann, maybe Deniel Ong
D/T: 28/12, evening time

9. Tennis/Mahjong
Attending: JJ, JH, FR & Karen
D/T: 29/12, morning till night

10. St James night
Attending: Daniel Lee
D/T: 29/12, night / morning

11. New Year’s Eve


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