Sung The Night Away.

Yesterday night was out and about. I stepped out of the house at slightly before 7pm, to head off to Lakeside to meet Joey and Xiao Ming to head off to Travis’s birthday party at his house in Jurong. I thought it would be awkward between the two, but they were fine. It was just the whole atmosphere and the I-don’t-know-the-other-strangers feeling that made the party awkward. The three of us definitely felt it; Travis knew it but there was nothing he coulda do; and that was why Joey left early at 8.30pm and me and Xiao Ming left shortly after at 9pm. (We only reached there at about near 8pm?)

Nonetheless, the two of us continued our night by travelling down to VivoCity to find Huimin, who, once again, was not replying to our messages like she is always used to doing. She turned out to be working OT at Esprit’s sales level, so we walked around the shop, then the mall, and finally sat, took a break at Coffee Bean till about 11.40pm, when she was finally ready. Then Xiao Ming went to get her Esprit clothes for her boyfriend and I purchased a long-needed item on my want list – a pair of slippers from New Urban Male (num). And that was already almost at midnight.

By the time we left Vivo, it was almost about half past midnight, and we travelled to the city area as planned for the late night karaoke session. The One was down, so Cineleisure’s K-Box was the choice. The two hungry women had to, firstly, satisfy their empty stomachs with cup noodles, and it was at the deserted corner near the carpark of the building. It was definitely a moment, something that we would never wanna be caught doing, though I didn’t eat. KTV-ing was fun, and I was introduced to another good song, a classic Chinese track from the Grasshoppers. Overall, it was another good KTV session down, and we left at near 4am, where we took separate transportation back home and I was in a Mercedes cabbie.

See you two again on Thursday with the rest of the NgeeAnn gang for a post-X’mas gift exchange!


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