My Christmas Eve: From 6.30am To 4am.

2am: Slept for the previous day, Sunday.
6+am: Got woken up by Mum‘s unnecessary switching on of the lights. Thought though it was her ploy to get me awakened up. Argh.
6.30am: Officially got out of bed. Either aroused by the noise or by some cooking smell. Probably was the latter though.
6.30am-7am: Did morning routine.
7am-7.40am: Changed into proposed outfit of red long-sleeved formal-looking shirt and G-Star jeans, though reluctant to wear G-Star as it might get dirrty due to kneeling during prayers later on.
8am-6+pm: Reached Yishun for the prayers with AK, Dad and Mum. JJ and Karen were there, and later came AS, who had to sacrifice one day of her leave for it when it was supposedly half-day work day. One word fully described the next 10 hours or so: BORING. Interacted a little with my cousins, though not much, but much more than ever before, as I am not a man good with words. AS left early at around 1+pm; lucky her. Brought Karen to the playground to play with her and to kill her boredom off. Kelly and FR came to pick JJ and Karen up, and I continued to scare off Kelly, who was still scared of the strangers and the strange environment around her. One word described my mood at the end of it all: TIRED.
6+pm-7.15pm: Rushed home; showered; changed; rushed out again.
7.15pm-8pm: Travelled back to Yishun. While on board bus #804, was totally disgusted by an emo-behaving young girl who jumped the queue and rushed into the bus like nobody’s fucking business and shocked two Malay aunties/ladies and pissed the shit off me. If I could, I would stick a stick up your fucking -. Missed the stop to drop off at, and had to trace back the steps.
8pm-12+am: Reached ST‘s house. Found Akidah, Shawn, ST (of course), Chee Xiang (OMG! Hadn’t seen him in sucha long time! He looked, better!), and later came Andy. Watched TV (The Amazing Race!); ate Pizza Hut; did the gift exchange; watched DVDs; drank tons of Coke; surfed the Internet; updated Chee Xiang on the PHS gossips that got us buzzing. I received two clean boxers from Shawn; a red tie from Akidah from Bugis (my favourite!) and a wallet (supposedly a keychain) from ST. Shawn and Chee Xiang left at the later half of the 9 o’clock hour; we shoulda taken pictures with them, but the remaining 4 of us continued to take ourselves, with me coming up with different poses for different funny shots. We had wanted to head of to sing KTV, if not for the bad timeslots and the high cost fees. Ended up with watching a movie in Yishun’s GV.

12+am-2am: Watched I Am Legend starring Will Smith. 28 Days Later was better, and scarier.
2am-3+am: Supper at McDonald’s in Northpoint. Shifeng (sp?) from army’s course was there and talked for awhile. Meeting ended and group separated officially at about 3.30am.
3+am-4am: Showered; crashed into bed; doze off into dreamsland.


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