The Year 2007: September’s Most Memorable.

Most memorable thing(s) about September ’07:

1. 2 weeks break away from army.
2. G-Star gang’s steamboat meet-up with Michelle (and boyfriend), Joanne (and boyfriend), several recent ex-new staff and Sharon at Bugis.
3. Night hangout with ST and Andy at Holland Village, and then Sembawang beach.
4. Reaching the 1-year mark for army.
5. Zouk virginal visit with Adrian / Jesse / Joey / Travis / Zhijun / JiaQing.
6. Dinner @ Orchard’s NgeeAnn City’s Delifrance with JJ / Karen / AK / JH.
7. Weizhong’s birthday celebration @ Orchard’s Ah Meng Cafe with Weizhong, Michelle, Joanne, Sharon and Aishah dropping by.
8. KTV-ing / house-visiting of Shawn’s till 4am with Akidah / ST / Shawn.


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