Broke / Broke.

I was sleeping.
Carelessly, I left my spectacles by the side.
Tired, I tossed and turned for a right sleeping position.
My legs moved.
My spectacles was underneath.
Crack, it went and I looked upon it with sudden-ness.
One of the lens was into halves.

I went for nights out with the rest, and spent an hour at an optics shop.
I looked at brands from left to right.
From Boss to Zegna to Lacoste to Braun Buffel to it all.
And after the hour-long consideration, I went ahead with the Emporio Armani’s.
Boy, oh boy, is it expensive. It costs, all-in-all, about 400 buckeraoos.
And that’s about half of what I’ve got.
Now it’s the other half I’m left with and a whole lotta days in January.
Anyhow, collection is tomorrow in town, and I needta walk around without a specs for still awhile.
Really curious about how it will look upon me.
Hope it will be suitable for me.
It will all be known tomorrow to me as tomorrow comes upon.


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