B-Boy B-Day.

It’s been awhile. And yeah, I know, I’ve grown lazier to have not posted this way earlier like I should, would have. But hey, here I am.

On the actual day itself, 24/01/08, I did not do anything much; the whole day was spent entirely at home. I got my mum to cook fried rice as I had wanted to eat it for a while. But she ended up cooking pineapple rice. Well, it’s quite similar. It was a disappointing day, but better than staying at you-know-where. So it wasn’t that bad either.

Next, on 25/01, I met up with the G-Star gang: Michelle, Joanne, Weizhong, Sharone and a few others not that close with, but were Michelle’s or Sidefame people. In Weizhong’s new family car, we headed to Clarke Quay to have some food and pictures-taking, and later, without Weizhong (who had to book in that night – and it was Friday night?!? Horrible.), we headed to Arena for a little drinking and myself, a little bit of bad dancing. The day ended late at 4am. They wanted to give me a new pair of G-Star jeans, which I had selected before heading to Clarke Quay, but it was accidentally sold out by one of the staff. So I had to head back to pick a new pair, but I hadn’t had the ability to select or see one that I actually like. I will say, I am a little disappointed that I haven’t received the present yet, but I gotta be understanding – we are all busy people. At least the intention was there. So they still owe me one!

On 26/01, it was the PHS gang: ST, Akidah and Andy. After dinner, we headed to K-Box Cineleisure for singing, and this was the first time they didn’t chase us out after the allocated time, so we gotta sing all the way till about 3am (Or was it 4am?). There, they presented me, Mr. Brandwhore, with a Prada keyholder. I was actually expecting, and maybe hoping, for a cardholder, but hey, it’s Prada. I won’t complain. Also, the card, as always, done by Ms. Aw Siowting, was a stunner: it was in the format of a CD, with their well-wishes behind and the picture of “tie-me-up” taken at ST’s house on X’mas Eve on the cover. Nice, and seriously, I don’t think we can ever match with her in terms of making cards. Hell, we just buy them! So props to Ms. Aw, who is the greatest cardmaker of our time. No doubt about it.

Well, overall, I will still say my b-day was well celebrated, and I feel blessed to have these friends that I have. So here’s to everyone mentioned above, thank you for making my day a special one. See you all real soon.


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