This Weekend’s Plans.

Hopefully, army don’t screw it up. My weekends are precious.

Siow Ting wanna go buy branded wallet with her CNY hongbao money; probably from Loewe, one of her favourite brands. It seems like this time, nothing comes in between her and her first high-end brand. You go, girl. I am a bad, bad brandwhore. Also, she and Akidah plan to watch CJ7, the Stephen Chow CNY-released movie. This meet-up should be at the early part of the afternoon. And of course, in Orchard. Might get along Andy as well, if he is not busy.

Weizhong informed us about Party Rendezvous at Zouk, and asked me and Joanne whether we wanna go and bring our friends along back then. I had done my part informing the NgeeAnn gang, and Huimin, XiaoMing, Celeste and Elsyne showed interest in going. Now, it is to confirm whether the tickets allow entry throughout the rest of the night and the next day’s morning and also whether Joanne, the young party animal, will be going as well. I know, I said before that I would go less on nightlife, but oh well, I can’t help it sometimes.


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