Hello Then; Hello Now; Hello Later.

People come and go in these 22 years of my life now and counting.

My pre-school classmates who mainly lived in Yishun back then; and my Primary School friends and schoolmates – most of them I have lost contact with, except the few handful recently reconciled with on Facebook. For my Secondary School years, I still keep in touch with a few of them, amounting that to a total of 9 years of friendship. That’s rather hard to find, I presume, and is worth cherishing but eventually, gonna be taken for granted for. The rest are either that I did not have the time to keep in touch with (they didn’t bother, either) or did not want to. Some are even ex-good friends that I had gone out with before and sorta got really close with back then, now all blown into dust. It’s a little regretful, but I guess there’s no further more favourable outcome than that. Then there are those currently active ones, besides the PHS ones of course – those in NgeeAnn, G-Star and army, but with several left and leaving soon for the latter. I may not even be seeing these people anymore in this life. Who knows, right? And then there’re the everyday strangers in my life, but somebody in their lives, like the passengers on the public transport, the bypassing strangers on a street etc.

People have to live on with their lives, I have got to live on with mine.

And here’s to hopefully meeting more people in life.


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