Lazy +er.

Shucks. It seems like I’m getting more and more lazier as the days go by.

Take for example, several hours before in the evening yesterday, I was deciding, thinking very hard about the options and consequences of whether to go out for the Saturday night or not, and that was when laziness sipped in. Of course, there were other factors too, like the sudden rash and redness of the skin underneath my lower lips, and the sudden outburst of pimples throughout last week in camp. Argh. Darn it. And just several hours before this writing of this post entry, I was trying to push myself to get back on track in doing exercise all over again after a long absence from god knew how long ago. Unfortunately, mission failed, as I started bumming around after a few sets, which was not even half an hour into it. Now, I am having the age-old question that (most) girls always ask their male partners, “Am I really fat?”. The thing is, I feel that I am, while almost all the people around always tell me about how skinny I am; how it is that I should eat more to get fatter. So am I, or am I not? I don’t know, I really don’t know.

Anyhow, hopefully I will wake up early later on in the morning, and be able to do some exercise catch-up before brunch hunger sets in. Okay, I will try to make it a point. Will see about that. It should be bedtime.
After a little bit more of Facebook-ing.
Goodnight world.


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