Shop. Eat. Under. Wear.

Took off today after an exercise throughout the whole week. It was well-taken, since my sisters had intended to meet up, so I just hopped on for the ride as well. JJ picked us up at after 12noon, and we headed to town. I went ahead to collect my ATM card after it was retained at Jurong Point the previous night, and had lunch at Crystal Jade at Basement 2 of NgeeAnn City, where the rest of the working (half-day) sisters joined the group. JJ, me, AK were on off that day, coincidentally, and Karen and Kelly were there as well.

Thereafter, it was shopping all the way till about 6plus pm. AS was the big shopper for the day, along with her beauty products bought by her via AK online, she purchased a coupla pair of shoes and skirt as well. I wasn’t bad – afterall, once a shopaholic always a shopaholic isn’t it – I bought a polo shirt from Tough, part of Sidefame, which I used to work for for G-Star (Thanks to Aishah for the conversation and otherwise).  Also, from Tangs, I purchased first, one 2(x)ist, at $30, then another, at $35. Yeah, kinda expensive, but they are pretty well-known. Or rather, I was fooled by the model’s advertisements and packaging. (Darn models, always looking good in everything they’re given to put on, or even when nothing at all. Oh well.) I saw Michelle at G-Star as well, who was tired with work, and why shouldn’t she be when she had worked really hard as well?

All in all, a good day out with my sisters. Now it’s Friday night, and though I’ve got no outdoorsy plans, but I hope I will be fine with it.


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