Week In, Week Out.

I realized that there is a specific pattern going on in my life right about now.

On Mondays, I am usually having the serious Blues, so don’t mess with me. And if I am working in the society, I would probably just go straight home after work.
On Tuesdays, there are some spillover effect on the Monday Blues, so Tuesdays ain’t good for going out, either.
On Wednesdays, it’s midweek. Thus, mood is generally happier, and yes, can consider going out and enjoying a little.
On Thursdays, the mood is like, why is it Thursday when it is just one day and can be Friday?
On Fridays, it’s good mood and feeling happy mixed together. Head out or go home will be pleasant.
On Saturdays, I will feel sad and moody if I don’t head out, especially at night time. I have to get rid of that feeling though. Joanne, and a lot more of friends got me feeling that way. Or maybe it is just myself. Shopping and pubbing and clubbing and karaoking and catching up may happen.
On Sundays, it’s rest and recovery; updating music and iPod; surfing around the Web.

Either I stick with this or break new habits. Reading is missing. Fitness, too.
Okay, I have to change from this routine. Soon.


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