Decisions On Go.

It rained just now, this afternoon.
I was still using this laptop. I didn’t wanna switch it off, cause I still had things to do.
The lightning and thunder were very threatening. It could have tripped the electricity and done some damage to this laptop. Luckily, it didn’t.
Right now, it is all calm, with a little bit of drizzle.

I am still wondering whether to go out to spend the night a little more excitingly.
I can stay at home; I can go to town to collect my birthday present jeans; I can go to the place I’m trying not to go; I can go to clubbing with some strangers.
Financially, it’s a no-go; Saturday night wise, it’s a yes-go.
I’m indecisive; I’m not sure; I’ll let it decide for itself later on.


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