Stranger Than Fiction (2006).

I had wanted to watch this movie, Stranger Than Fiction, for a very long time now, just that I am very, very lazy. Fortunately, HBO finally played it for this week.

The first thing that attracted me to watching it, besides the rave critics’ review to it, was Emma Thompson. She is a good actress and has been in a lot of good and arty-farty movies. Also doing a stunning job in this film is Will Ferrell, a far sight from his usual funny clown roles that he took. As I watched on, I was surprised (I didn’t read the actors involved) to find more credible actors: Queen Latifah, Dustin Hoffman and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Together with my sister JH, we watched and enjoyed the movie of the story of a writer with a 10-years writers’ block and was on her way to writing a comeback when she discovered her main male character actually existed in real life. From the main character’s (Will) point of view, he had been living a safe and ordinary life all this while until he began hearing the writer’s (Emma) voice in his head, saying the things that he would indeed do (like counting the number of strokes he took to brush each individual tooth) in real life. He began finding out and living a life of his own.

I might just buy this VCD/DVD.

That’s 32 strokes for you.


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