Re-Entry: It’s A Morning.

Original written post as at Thursday, 20th March 2008, 1121 hours-ish.

This post entry was supposed to be written lying down, but the pen won’t have worked and the writings won’t have been able to be written.

The day is pretty lazy.
I woke up to get back into bed again.
The sky is cloudy with not bright, not dark clouds.
I haven’t done this (wake up to sleep again) in a long while.
The ‘eye bubbles’ are back again. Hello, it’s been a while, probably since secondary school.
My hand still hurts from the abrasions, and I’m tolerating it further with this writing. Sorry.

My iPod’s playing.
My random thoughts are running.
Morning is about to be taken over by the afternoon. The day’s to reach midpoint.
I should get up, but I will lie for a while more.
Just a little bit more.

A plane just flew past.
It was small from where I was.


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