Re-Entry: She.

Original written post as at Monday, 17th March 2008, 1205 hours-ish.

I suddenly remembered and thought about her. She was my, sorta, direct superior, my supervisor, during that attachment period. I can’t say I really knew her all that well, after all, all I knew of her was only the professional side that she had chose to shown. I had heard some stuff – gossip – about her, that I won’t reveal much of, after all, it’s very personal matters. She was the least favourite colleague in the office, and she knew that nobody really likes her, but she just lived along with it. It should be due to her attitude, her demanding working style and her no-nonsense ways. (Not that it was any of her fault – she was just totally being professional about it) Maybe even, her flirting with the other males. I remembered the way she controlled over me – the breaks, the things I did, the places I went, and maybe even more. Maybe I am just exaggerating. Maybe she felt responsible for me, for the things I did. I remembered how happy I would be when she was on off – I would go crazy, in an-office-kinda-uncrazy-kinda way.

I’m not really saying that she is a bad person and all, or that I didn’t thought of it before, but I really didn’t get to see the other, more personal side of her. I heard that she was a good mother, caring and everything, always thinking for her own children. I even heard her checking up on her children’s whatabouts before, the way she spoke was way different. I don’t know if it is, but I still like to compare her with a character from Charles Dickens’s “Great Expectations”, Mr. Wemmick, whom had two sides – one was the strict, never-smiling professional look he had when he was in the city working; and a soft, humane, genuine touching sight he shared with his father in his little home in the countryside.

Well, I guess I will never really know.


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