Karaoke Like A Rock Star.

It was crazy last night / this morning. And exhausted, too. Met up with Michelle and the G-Star gang before my trip to Taiwan next week. We met at G-Star and headed off to KTV somewhere in town, which I won’t be disclosing since I think I am gonna criticise it a little. So there was the usual – Michelle (of course), Joanne, Weizhong, and a few others: Hengky, Weide, Xueqin and Steven Boo! Okay, sorry, I just have to do that.

It was a pity – Weizhong and Joanne had something on after that, so they left at about 12 midnight thereabout to attend birthday parties, with the clubbing girl heading to Zouk and Weizhong to a close friend’s house. So the rest of us stayed, and stayed we definitely did – we left officially at 4.36am. Yes, I know, darn late. As we were leaving, we realized that our bills were pretty high – at an alarming price of $433. Clarifications aside, we each individually paid $54 for the night. That’s really a costly price, considering it is only stupid singing, and we’re not that worthy singers too. And that didn’t include the taxi fare home after that, with its midnight charges. That aside, we opened a bottle of Chivas and two jugs of beer to accompany to our singing. I sang till I sorta lost my voice, which was as always. I was, too, distracted throughout the night, I must say, I am sorry. We were all tired out right after that.

Well, for that high price and all, I must say we did a good job though – in messing up the room till shithole conditions. The litter, the cracked glasses, the cracked bottle of finished Chivas, the tossed-about coasters all over the room, the wet floor due to thrown ice cubes, the illegal Coke and snackers we smuggled in, the thrown-about microphones and remote control. I know, very bad, but afterwards, I realized it was worth it. It was a very rock star (in a Chinese kinda way) night.


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