30 Days Of Taiwan: Day #1, 09-04.

Took off for the first time in an aeroplane and touched down in Taiwan in the early hours of the morning. Was way too early and sleepy, as I didn’t really sleep in the plane. For a first time, it was an okay flight – nothing much to wow about, the service was okay, the individual space was a little too small, and I didn’t get to sit at the side of the plane to see the scenery during the take-off and the landing. It was not as okay as I thought, but hey, what more could I expect? Was slightly excited as, afterall, it was my very first flight, but I tried not to show it off but I guessed I pretty much failed at it miserably with every attempt at looking outta the windows whenever possible.

Upon arrival, I was looking around when I noticed the amount of Bad Engrish around. Laughed at every possible English mistake there was. Maybe it was a little bad, but it was that since these were signs which were important for others to read, a little bit more effort and spelling checks could have been done before finalizing the producing of them. “Exin” was probably the worst, and “Please avoid the collision” on a pair of sliding doors at the airport.

The lack of quality and sufficient sleep did me in eventually and I couldn’t wait to get to sleep by the time the day ended.


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