Seldom Shop Sunday.

Went out shopping today on a no-choice kinda basis. Why it is so: It’s a Sunday, pretty much said for itself, ain’t it? It’s Mother’s Day, and probably other reasons as well. The reason behind it all: It is Siow Ting’s birthday tomorrow, and it’s gonna be a combined kinda celebration for her and Akidah too. Yes, on a bloody Monday. And hell, I’ve got duty on the next day as well. How rushed up and sucky can it get? But I guess, never mind.

Left the house at slightly before 3pm and reached at about half past 3. Walked around in a rush manner, as I really wanna get home by 6 or 7pm as said to Mum before I left. While riding the subway, I was trying to figure out which place to head to first: DFS, where the brands and tourists are at; the stretch of road from Borders till Forum The Shopping Mall; Paragon; or NgeeAnn City? Eventually, I headed to the NgeeAnn City and entered a number of boutiques – from throwing my face down the drain in Marc by Marc Jacobs to On Pedder to Tod’s.

Finally, I purchased the first present from Longchamp in Paragon – a bag that was folded, and accordingly, almost a lot of people were carrying it. The second one was from Stella McCartney – a perfume called Stella In Two. I conversed with the salesperson and even left my contacts with her. Then, I headed to purchase some sweet treats for enjoyment back at home once I had left.

The thing is, why have I been left in charge for getting her present? This is the second time – plus the fact that I had just came back from Taiwan. I like shopping and solo shopping and all – but not on a Sunday on a Mother’s Day. That is why I felt pissed with it all. But right now, I am fine. The brands really pleased me a lot.


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