30 Days Of Taiwan: Days #13 – #15.

(Speedy entries begun. The days got written together.)

(21-04 to 23-04)

The days crawled by fucking slow now.

It was like there was nothing much one could do, so sleep had gotta be the best solution, just that there were limitations in the allocation and comfort of the accomodation provided. So stoning was the best past-time activity – if it was possible to find a good spot to be at. Seriously, I thought I must be at the wrong part of Taiwan, and it would be a while before the image of Taiwan in me would be restored. Then again, never was possible, too.

It was all Pringles and cup noodles everyday now. Once in a while, maybe a sorta proper meal would be consumed, but that would be if I had the mood to go all the way to get it. Based on usual circumstances, no freakin’ way.

I can’t wait for this shit to be over and done with. 7-10 more days. Suddenly I missed the Internet. Of all things!


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