I Guess I Looked Good On The Dancefloor Last Night.

Wow. If I said it before, then I must say it again for last night only. That would have been my craziest night ever, erase all else previous claims.

To say the truth, I would and won’t have the idea of what happened last night. I knew I was on the dancefloor; I knew I almost fell down on everyone nearby whenever possible; I knew how much I drank; I knew about the toilet incident; I knew about the dirty dancing and touches; I knew about the supper after that; I knew about the aftermath, but somehow there were definitely certain blurry images floating here and there. Suchas the random strangers that I was dancing with, how all the hook-ups occurred, why I got so tipsy and perhaps drunk when usually I would be sober with the amount that I drank, and how the raunchy stuff all began. It is really amazing what alcoholic drinks can do to you.

Now, is that something to be proud of?


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