30 Days Of Taiwan: Day #27, 05-05.

It was amusement park madness.

Transportation totally sucked, as always, but work had wrapped up for the trip, so I presumed everybody didn’t mind much. Phototaking here and there, we proceeded into the park and awaited for the rides to begin operations. I probably went bonkers that day, dragging Melvin along, and if I recalled correctly my calculations after the whole day was over, I went on 18 rides altogether: five for G5, a short duration ride with a vertical plunge that ended almost as quickly as it had started; four for the floorless rollercoaster, with the last at the front row; one on the Turbodrop, something kinda like the megadrop; twice on the viking; one on the water slide; twice on a roundabout swing kinda ride; one on the ferris wheel; another on a ride that went 360 degrees, something like the Escape theme park’s Cadbury; and another forgotten. We wanted to try more, but they were closed before darkness fell.

At the end of the day, it was tiredness and all, but it was better than any other day before. And it probably told everyone something about me during rides – I could be as vulgar as Eminem in his songs if I wanted to be.


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