I shouldn’t be here at this time.

I should be on my way out, highly in my latest G-Star jeans purchased by them for me on my birthday and probably a tee to top it off since I don’t feel like feeling formal. I would have spent some time comparing between a tee and the new Polo Ralph white shirt my sister had purchased from me. I would have splashed on that brand’s perfume, put on my Emporio Armani watch, took my Prada keyholder, Gucci wallet, iPod and handphone and headed out. Sadly, no. I am in front of laptop, surfing away after a heavy dinner.

The meeting was cancelled earlier in the afternoon. I don’t blame them, but I do feel bored and disappointed. I was looking forward to this meeting as I, honestly, had nothing else on for the week. Now, it’s a little bit of emptiness of “what am I gonna do”.

Friday and Saturday – two days when most people will usually expect something a little more. I have to work it out.

(Boy, I sure hate the advertisement in Imageshack. Hurry take it off.)


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