Banging Doors.

I was awakened last night by mysterious banging doors. Twice. I woke up to see my door getting slammed by itself, with the environment around it silent and giving off the creeps. I couldn’t get myself back to sleep, so I just stared into space, despite myself being tired out.

So then I decided to open the door, at then maybe to see what was going on, and then to get back to sleep afterwards. All was silent outside at the living room and the rooms beyond. So I laid my head back down on the pillow once again. Then the chills came in. There seemed to be some wind, strangely blowing at my feet region. Frrreaky. After a while, I tried to cover it with the comforter, but the night was too hot to sleep underneath it. And then it happened again.

Bang. Shitty Hell, what was actually going on? This time, after opening the door once again, I was thankfully that my Dad was awakened up by the banging sounds too, and had came out into the living room to investigate maybe, scold if I was still up at the wee hours maybe, or most likely to sleep in the living room like he always loves to do instead of being cold in an air-conditioned room that my Mum had gotten used to. It was, actually, the wind blowing from outside my windows that had caused the door to bang. This time round, I opened the door wide open and leave it there as it was.

And yeah, I got back to sleep after that.


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